All About 6 Week Winter Session Dance Classes

Looking for a lively way to beat the winter chill in Omaha? Dive into the rhythm with our exciting 6-week session dance classes. The 2024 Winter Session is just around the corner, and registration is now open to enroll your child in these engaging dance experiences!


Classes run from January 22nd to March 2nd for our Winter Session classes. This shorter-term commitment is perfect for students balancing various activities or those eager to explore different dance styles without a full-year commitment. With options tailored for various age groups, our classes are available at both our Central and West locations.

Enrolling in a session class means a one-time payment covering all 6 weeks, with no recurring monthly tuition charges as well as no registration or costume fees.


Explore beyond our regular offerings during the Winter Session, with specialized classes not available in our annual schedule. From Pom & Cheer classes for tweens to Ballet for kindergarteners, and a brand-new Show Choir class for aspiring singers looking to enhance their dance skills. Prepare for upcoming Show Choir auditions by refining your moves with our expert instructors.


Make this winter memorable for your little dancer – Register for our Winter 6-week session today and let the dance magic begin!

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