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Tracks are how we group similar ages. We have seven tracks – peanuts, tinys, minis, A, B, C, and D. Each track has their own dance concert. A tiny track class will not perform in a D track show and vice versa.


Peanuts – 18 months-2 years
Tinys – 3-4 years
Minis – 5 years-1st grade
A Track –  2nd-3rd grade
B Track – 4th-5th grade
C Track – 6th-8th grade
D Track – 9th-12th grade


Visit the classes page for more information on tracks

Visit the classes page to register 

After classes begin on September 7th, to make changes to your schedule, you must fill out the Change/Cancellation Form online. To not be charged for the next month, please turn it in by the 15th of the current month.

Example – Must be turned in by October 15th to cancel November tuition. If the form is not turned in and signed by the 15th, your account will be charged for the following month’s tuition. 

For Dance Concert classes, November 15th is the last day to add or drop the class.  However, if you are attending a ‘non-concert’ class, you can add/drop the class all year.

You are still able to discontinue the class, however, there will be no refunds for costumes as they have already been purchased and are non-refundable from the costume companies.  You will still be responsible for the balance due for all of your dancer’s costumes and dance concert fees.

Families can access their online account information at any time using our online portal. Click LOGIN on our menu bar to access the portal. Your username is your primary email account you listed at registration. If you no longer have your password, you can use the forgot password link to reset it. Once logged in, from your home screen, you will see options. Under the My Account section to edit account contact information, edit payment information, and view financial history. Under the My Classes section to the left, you can view your current classes, view attendance history, and register for new or additional classes.

ND recreation and Crew classes do not require an audition. 

‘Programs’ are our competitive programs that do require an audition.  Informational meetings are helped in the spring and auditions are late spring or early June each year.

Our year long classes offer a complete dance class experience.  Classes begin in September and run through May, with monthly tuition.  Registration remains open until the middle of November for classes with space available. Students will work on progressing through skills throughout the year.  Year-long classes participate in our Annual Dance Concert in June.

Our session classes are offered in the fall, winter, spring and summer in 4, 6 or 8 week increments.  These classes are great for students who want to try a new class, wish to start dance during the time when our year long classes are closed, or families who wish for a shorter time commitment than a year long class.  These classes do not perform in our dance concert and they do not have concert or costume fees. For the session classes, tuition is a one time charge at registration, and does not have automatic recurring tuition each month.

Tan jazz shoes are required for the dance concert for all classes that use jazz shoes. Boys sometimes may need black jazz shoes. 

Dance Concert Questions

TBD, however our hope is June 3rd – 5th.  We will update as soon as date/location is final.

We highly recommend that students participate with their class in the year end spring dance concert performance, as it is an integral part of the class experience and helps the dancer get the most out of their class.  However, we do understand that sometimes vacations or family events can conflict with performance times.  If your dancer must opt out of participating in the spring dance concert, please let your teacher(s) know as soon as possible.  If you know before November 1st, please let the front desk know so a costume is not ordered and a dance concert fee is not applied.

Please see the description in Studio Director, it will indicate which genre that class will perform for the Dance Concert. Class information can be read by hovering your mouse over the class name and then clicking ‘read more’.

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