Nebraska Dance Classes


2nd-12th grade

Crew offers excellent opportunities for dancers (K-12th grade) to explore their love for dance, learn to work with a team, and gain additional performance experience. This program can also be an excellent way for dancers to determine if pursuing additional dance opportunities will be part of their dance journey. No auditions are required.


Dances & Events

Each Crew class will learn and work to perfect one dance number they will perform at all ND events.


In studio performances for Crew are the Halloween, Holiday, and Spring Performance Weeks where Crew will perform alongside our ND recreational classes. There is also a special Crew Holiday Spectacular held in December for family and friends to get to enjoy!


Stage performances for Crew are our Winter Showcase, Benefit Concert, and end-of-the-year Dance Concerts.


Mini Crew (K-1st Grade)

Mini Crew is a great introduction to more performance opportunities for these young dancers. The Crew program gives the dancers a chance to experience the stage multiple times throughout the year. This allows dancers to explore and experience their love of dance.


Requirements for this program include one mini performance crew jazz (45 minutes per week) as well as an ND class of your choice (45 minutes per week).


Tuition for these two required classes is $91 per month, September through May. Dancers are welcome to take as many ND classes as desired, additional tuition rates will apply.


Crew A, B, C/D (2nd-12th Grade)

Performance Crew Jazz (90 minutes/two class equivalent)

Dancers will learn and perfect their jazz performance routine, develop technique (turns, leaps, kicks, etc.), increase flexibility, refine movement quality, and more in this extended class while enjoying team-building exercises and holiday celebrations. Performance Crew Jazz will challenge group and individual development of performance quality while fostering a culture of teamwork and social growth. All ND dancers are invited to this well-loved Crew class, but it is highly recommended for dancers who may be interested in pursuing a competitive program in the future.


Performance Crew Hip Hop (45 minutes/one class)

Your dancer will learn and perfect their hip-hop performance routine while improving hip hop technique and execution. Performance Crew Hip Hop brings an exciting energy to our shows.


Performance Crew Lyrical (45 minutes/one class)

Dancers will learn and rehearse their lyrical performance routine while growing in an expression of emotion through lyrical technique and movement quality. Performance Crew Lyrical adds a deeper connection to choreography and song lyrics to each show.


Crew A: 2nd-3rd grade
Crew B: 4th-5th grade
Crew C/D: 6th-12th grade


Dancers are required to take a total of 2 hours 15 minutes of classes each week, which can be any combination of Crew or ND classes.


Some examples of Crew A, B, and C/D potential weekly schedules:

  • Crew A Jazz (90 minutes), Crew A Hip Hop (45 minutes)
  • Crew A Hip Hop (45 minutes), Crew A Lyrical (45 minutes), ND Track A Class (45 minutes)
  • Crew B Lyrical (45 minutes), ND Track B Class (45 minutes), ND Track B Class (45 minutes)
  • Crew C/D Jazz (90 minutes), ND Track C/D Class (45 minutes)


Dancers can participate in all performance crew classes for their specific age group


Tuition for these three required classes is $122 per month, from September through May. Dancers are welcome to take as many additional ND classes as desired, additional tuition rates will apply.


Program Costs

We are estimating general expenses for the Crew dance year are $215-$225. These expenses include Program Leadership and Administration, t-shirt, Kick-Off Party, Crew Holiday Spectacular, Winter Showcase, Benefit, and End of the Year Celebration. This amount will be due on September 15th. Costumes range from $85-$135 per class/dance. At the time of registration, you will pay the $35 registration fee as well as a deposit on each costume to hold your spot in class. Balance for the costumes and Dance Concert fee will be due in November.

Classes offered

Mini Crew Jazz
Crew A Hip Hop
Crew A Jazz
Crew A Lyrical
Crew B Hip Hop
Crew B Jazz
Crew B Lyrical
Crew C/D Hip Hop
Crew C/D Jazz 
Crew C/D Lyrical

Explore Peanuts

18 mo-2 years

Explore Tinys

3-4 years

Explore Minis

5 years-1st grade

Explore Track B

4th-5th grade

Explore Track C

6th-8th grade

Explore Track D

9th-12th grade